This “Why?” question can be summed up in one sentence, “because action matters far more then words…and we must each take action to really make a difference.”

Now, here’s some context; from my first walk on the horrendously polluted Tsunoshima beach in Japan almost 2 years ago to the 12th beach cleanup we just completed, we have worked tirelessly to foster environmental awareness using both community events and adventure activities like the Japan to Korea kayak expedition.

Beach Cleanup Group Picture

In July of 2014 myself and famed expedition kayaker Koji Hara, completed the first unsupported kayak expedition to South Korea to build an ecological connection between Japan and Korea; two of the largest and most important stakeholders in the fight to control beach trash and ocean pollution. Since that day we have been featured in various newspaper and TV shows about the Japan to Korea expedition and continue to give talks and workshops about the issue. On October 30th, I will be joining the Peace and Green boat 2014 to talk about Life Recycled, the beach cleaning and trash art organization, we founded.

Post Expedition Map Slide 1


Through the last expedition, we have found that, with growing community/international interest in our environmental and adventure activities, we can use the environmental themed kayak expeditions to increase support for the cause of beach trash, which brings us to 1000Kilometers to Tokyo.

The idea began during one of the many beach cleanups I did. During this particular day I found a massive amount of these 6″ thin plastic pipes. I was told they came over in the tidal current from the oyster farms in Hiroshima City, which was relatively close to our cleaning location. When I asked why these are dumped in the ocean, the answer was not clear. Some blame the farming practices of the farmers and others blame negligence and dumping. Whatever the reason, it is a problem that needs to be addressed and can be addressed with public support and this. Check out the research page for more info.

Japan Oyster Farm Tubes