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1000K to Tokyo LargeGoal: The Goal of this expedition is to raise awareness about a type of ocean pollution specific to Japan, plastic tubes used for Oyster farming. I will be collecting research data regarding the density of pipes on the beaches. I will also seek to better understand the Oyster Farming culture based in Hiroshima through discussions with the farmers and a look into their farming practices. Check out the research page for more info.

Date: The expedition will be begin on or before the 28th of December.

Course of travel: I will be traveling up the coast of Japan from Hirao Cho (near Yanai) to Tokyo. Also, because I will be traveling along the coastline, there will be ample opportunities to sleep among the many beaches I will come to.

Duration: Calculating this expedition based on pristine weather and an estimated 50km per day of paddling, the period of travel would be about 20 days (1000 Kilometers / 50 Kilometers per day = 20 Days). Being that I will be traveling in the coldest season and the most unpredictable weather of the year,  a safety net of 10 days should suffice.

Bathroom: As I am often asked, where do I got the bathroom, especially number 2? As any kayaker can tell you…never shake with your left hand.


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