Expedition Journal Day 48-51

It’s times like these when you recognize that the hardest part of an expedition may not be the actual paddling but the time you are sitting on land, waiting to get into the water.

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived here in Minamiiizu and have the dissatisfaction of being greeted by white rabbits almost every day. What’s white rabbit you may ask? The “white rabbit” actually refers to the condition of the sea. When one sees white rabbits, you actually seeing the crest of a wave breaking on itself, which produces a momentary flash of white. It’s especially noticeable during times of high winds when you can see these “white rabbits” extend off into the horizon.

Just to give one more update…As of now, the plan is to head out tomorrow morning when the wind is predicted be a little calmer (about 6-8 meters per second). Continue reading