Western Mountaineering Antelope MF Bag + Sea to Summit E-Vent

Here we have the Antelope MF 5° bag from Western Mountaineering…Besides being ranked as a “Best Buy” by Outdoor Gear Lab, this is one of the lightest and most versatile sleeping bags I’ve ever owned. From the frigid below freezing January nights of Wakayama Japan to the couch of a friends couch in Mie Prefecture, this bag has kept me warm and comfortable throughout the expedition. Lets touch on some features…

  • First, as I said before, it’s the lightest in its category, weighing in at 2.7lbs. Besides its absurdly light weight, its packed size is about the size of a basketball (using a E-Vent Sea to Summit Compression Sack).
  • The bag I ordered was more of a 0° bag because of the overfill option which brought the weight of the down fill to 29 ounces of 850 down. Also, with the continuous baffles, I can move all that down around to account for the changing temperatures.
  • Although Western Mountaineering doesn’t advertise this as water resistant but I can attest that there were nights when I slept under the cover of the stars and awoke to a fair amount of condensation on the bag yet I was still warm and toasty inside.

Overall, this bag performed exceptionally well. The build quality was fantastic and because this is a family owned company who makes their bags in-house, I’m confident that if I ever need something taken care of I can call Gary or Mike. – I would absolutely recommend the Antelope MF 5° bag from Western Mountaineering for any expedition kayaker.