Seattle Sports FrostPak Cooler

Here we have the Seattle Sports FrostPak Cooler 19L…To give some context, Seattle Sports sponsored our previous Japan to Korea kayaking expedition. Following that expedition, I decided to use them on this 1000K to Tokyo solo kayaking expedition due to their durability and ability to fit into some tight spaces. Here are some features…

  • First, let me touch on the durability, which is immediately apparent if you get a chance to use cooler. Not only did I carry an absurd amount of weight in this cooler but also, being so heavy, I used it as an attachment for the the guy line of my tent during some inclement weather.
  • Fitting inside a tight bulkhead is the FrostPak’s specialty. The 19L size is a perfect size to fit right up and against the bulkhead in my rear storage compartment. Also, I was able to squeeze (and I do mean squeeze) some extra gear next to it due to its soft-sided characteristics.
  • Most importantly, its waterproof ability is stellar. Because I had a fairly old kayak, I would often find sea water in my rear storage compartment, which stoked a fear that food stuffs like rice and ramen would get wet and become inedible. During the entire expedition, I never even saw a single drop of salt water in the cooler.

Overall, this is an absolutely exceptional cooler that serves the niche market of expedition kayakers; people who need tough gear that can fit into small and often oddly shaped places. I would absolutely recommend this to any expedition kayaker.