Sea Line Baja Bag 20L

Here we have the Sea Line Baja Bag 20L…I actually found out about this dry bag after my Mont Bell dry bags started to leak. A friend and kayak guide, who was housing me during a storm, introduced me to the Baja bag and after about 400 miles and some seriously heavy weight, these bags held up well. Lets go over some features:

  • With the Sea Line Baja bag, durability if the name of the game. The Baja bag is made of 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl side with heavy duty 30 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom, which basically means they can be dragged across the ground and still show little signs of wear. Also, in regards to durability, the closure system keeps water out but also stands up to being held and carried while holding something like 30 pounds.

Overall, I’m going to absolutely use these bags for my next expedition and I would definitely recommend these to any expedition kayakers looking for a great dry bag.