Kayalite (Kayak Light) by Kayalu

Here we have the Kayalite by Kayalu…This is a very unique kayak lighting system which filled a need left by my previous stern lighting system. Previously, for the Japan to Korea kayaking expedition, we were using the YakAttack stern light and although it provided great visibility, it was limited in its range of movement and mounting options, which is where the Kayalite came in. Lets talk about the features…

  • In regards to the 1000K to Tokyo expedition, the most important feature was the ability to turn the light on while in my kayak and although I found this out, partly due to my error of getting stuck in the Naruto Channel at night without a light, I decided to try and reach back and grab the Kayalite. To my surprise, I was able pull it towards me and twist the top, turning the light on.
  • The second feature I’m immensely impressed with is its durability. You can really bang this light around and I did. It was dropped, rolled on and I’m sure withstood other damage I was not even aware of yet because it was bombproof, it continued to shine.
  • I am also very impressed with its flexibility in regards to mounting. You can mount this anywhere you can attach the carabineer to. For me, I decided to mount it next to the Go-Pro extension arm by Kayalu, which also meant that it was off to the side (a more advantageous position to reach back and grab).

Overall, this is an excellent piece of gear that was built to last, and can be turned on (if mounted correctly) while still in your kayak. I would absolutely recommend this to any expedition paddlers out there.