Go Pro Bolt-on RAM mount from Kayalu

Here we have the Go Pro Bolt-on RAM mount from Kayalu…This mount (with the suction attachment) was initially used during our previous Japan to Korea kayaking expedition and proved to get the shots we needed and withstand some harsh weather but in order to understand the benefit, I must provide some context. During my training paddles, leading up to the Japan to Korea expedition, I struggled to find satisfactory mounting options. At one point I even tied a tripod over my rear hatch. It would have taken only one good wave to the side and I’m sure my contraption would have dumped my GoPro into the drink. Only a few weeks before the start of the Japan to Korea, I came across Kayalu and decided to try the GoPro mount. Following the expedition, and realizing the need for a bombproof GoPro mounting option, I opted to use it again for the 1000K to Tokyo expedition. Here are some features:

  • First, the mounting options, being either suction or bolt-on, are very useful and can serve almost every mounting need. Because I was using a very old poly kayak, I could not use the suction mount so I opted for the bolt-on mount and mounted plates on both the front and back of the kayak.
  • This mount literally stayed on the front of my kayak for the entire expedition, getting pounded by surf and rain. I took no extra precautions to wash it off or take care of it any way yet it performed as though it was just purchased.

Overall, this mount is in a category of it’s own. I have found nothing as durable and unique as the GoPro RAM mount by Kayalu. I would absolutely recommend this to any expedition kayaker looking to get some good paddling footage.

**On a side note – Some footage taken using this mount was actually used by the Korean media and broadcast on national TV, once we completed the Japan to Korea expedition.