Countryman B3 lavalier Microphone

Here we have the Countryman B3 Lavalier microphone. In order to understand the benefit, it’s important to first understand the need. When I first started training for a previous expedition, the Japan to Korea kayaking expedition, I used an iPhone which was wrapped in plastic bags and tucked in the front pocket of my PFD, with the goal of getting commentary during my long training paddles. One day while recording, some water splashed into the front pocket of my PFD and onto my iPhone. Frantically, I began waving the phone in every direction, trying to dislodge the water (this can be seen in the review video above). After finishing for the day and disembarking from the kayak, the iPhone proceeded to slide out of the front pocket of my PFD and into the ocean.  That is why I needed a better waterproof microphone system…

So there are three main benefits of having Countryman B3 Mic:

  • Its one of the only, if not the only, option for getting great audio while getting wet.
  • Due to the ingenuity of the B3 Protective cap, the mic clears of water relatively quickly.
  • Its cable is very durable and was often sandwiched between my PFD and Drysuit while being thrashed around and twisted during my rolling exercises.

Overall, I feel this this is one of the only options high quality for in-water audio. I was consistently surprised how I was able to get clear audio after 2, 3, and 4 consecutive rolls. Following the expedition, I’ve used the B3 to get some audio for the mountainside cleanups I’ve hosted in Japan. I will of course be using this for for any future expeditions I will do. It’s a great piece of gear that I would absolutely recommend to any expedition kayaker.

**Countryman put out a Press Release about the Expedition. The first page is below but if you want to download the whole 2 page document click this Full Countryman Press Release ***

Countryman B3 Press Release