Big Agnes insulated Air Core

Today lets talk about the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core…I actually came onto this item because of some leaks that appeared on my old Big Agnes Air Core, which I had purchased from REI years ago. I was happy to get the new Air Core and put it to the test. Here are some features:

  • The first and most important feature for the expedition was the loft of the Air Core. It has over 3” of loft, which means that if you are sleeping on a rocky beach, you have plenty of coverage and wont feel a thing.
  • The second feature that was relevant to the expedition was the high high R-Value (measured as the pads ability to insulate). This pad is apparently good to about freezing and I can attest to that, having had woken up more than once with frost on my tent.
  • Last but not least is the updated high volume air nozzle. On my old pad, it would take an absurd amount of time to fully inflate this pad but with the new and updated version it takes about a minute to get the pad firm.

Overall, this is a no-brainer and I would absolutely get one again, if I had to. It performed well and was keeping me warm every night. One word of caution is to make sure your patching kit it up to date. When I went to patch the old Air Core, I found a tube of dried out glue. – I would absolutely recommend this to fellow expedition kayaker.