Aquapac Waterproof iPad Case

Here we have a Waterproof iPad case by Aquapac.

During the over 700 mile kayaking expedition, I carried a Delorme InReach SE which provided satellite tracking and GPS, provided that I had some type of device I could display it on. The device, which I carried, was my iPad Air and of course, that piece of gear, not being water-resistant in the least, needed a dependable waterproof iPad case and that’s where Aquapac came in. The Aquapac iPad Case spent a majority of its time getting hit by waves and pelted by rain, as it was strapped to the top of my deck bag and later moved  inside to remedy a touch sensitive screen issue (discussed later).

Here are some features of the case

  • Certified to IPX 8 which means it can withstand being submerged to a depth of 30 ft. for up to 30 min
  • The Aquaclip is bombproof and because every part of this clip is made of injection-molded plastic, its completely rustproof.
  • The Shoulder strap is a very convenient addition to the case and serves a very important secondary use, besides making it easily transportable. While the iPad case spent a fair amount of time on the top of my kayak, it was being secured by some elastic straps on the top of the deck bag and although it was relatively fixed to the bag, I also used the shoulder strap (strapped to a different connection point) to act as a further insurance to secure the case to the deck bag.
  • It’s also very convenient that one could use the iPad though the Lenzflex optically-clear windows, pending they are relatively dry, which we will talk about in a later point.
  • The headphone jack seems like a beneficial addition to the case; however, I never put it to use so I cant comment on its durability.

Now that we’ve touched on some of the great thing’s about the Aquakac iPad Case, lets touch on some of the things one should watch out for.

  • First and most importantly, the Lenzflex material ceases to be conductive if it wet (dripping with water) and I learned this the hard way. As I’ve said before, the iPad case spent a majority of its time on the front of my deck bag, getting hit by surf and rain. When I would attempt to use it, a struggle would ensue as I would frantically drag my fingers across the screen and watch as the iPad reacted in all sorts of crazy ways. The culprit was the salt water, dripping from both my hands and the iPad case. The solution was to move the Auqapac iPad case to a relatively dry location, which was inside the deckbag (with a towel handy). When I wanted to use it, I would first dry my hands with the towel and than remove the iPad case, which was dry and therefore worked correctly.
  • Now in regards to the little moisture absorbing packs or Desiccant Sachets as they are called. Yes, they worked well for the first few weeks but as I was extending into a few months, I noticed some light condensation on the inside of the Lenzflex screen. This was not necessarily worrying because I knew it was from the temperature changes as the case moved from the cooler nights to being baked in the sun during the day, and not from salt water sneaking into the case. To address this just buy some extra Desiccant Sachets before going on the expedition.

Overall, this is a stellar piece of gear and one of the best of its kind. Through everything, the case held up and I still use it to this day. When taking into account some of the things that one should watch out for (wet Lenzflex material and Desiccant Sachets) both of these can be easily remedied and are not a result of shoddy workmanship in any way. I would absolutely recommend this piece to gear to a fellow expedition kayaker.